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Accomodative Diabetic
1mm carbon shell with 1/4 inch beige orthopedic poron arch fill; relieves high pressure areas especially for diabetic and arthritic patients. Exta depth footwear strongly recommended.
3mm co polymer shell with full extrinsic rearfoot post. Lots of medial/lateral ankle control and stability. Extra depth footwear strongly recommnded.
Thermoplastic with a deep heel cup; maximum control for the growing foot. Green or Pink top cover.
Full length orthopedic cork and EVA shell with Ultrayde top cover; relieves high pressure areas especially for tender/sensitive feet. Exra depth footwear strongly recommended.
2mm polypropylene shell with full length Ultrhyde top cover. Ideal for plantar fasciitis management.
Premier Elite
3mm polpropylene shell with arch fill and a deep heel cup. A semi rigid podiatrc device ideal for motion control; full length top cover and nyplex bottom.
Dress – Sulcus
Dress orthotic with sulcus length top cover for hard to fit footwear without removeable sock liners.
1mm carbon shell with full length Ultrahyde top cover. Narrower grind, intrinsically posted. Low profile designed to fit slim fitting dress shoes.
Sport with rearfoot post
Sport orthotic with a rearoot post for added control.
1mm carbon shell with ETC top cover and poron underlay. Lots of flexibility with maximum shock absorption.
2mm carbon shell with full length 1/8 Ultra Hyde top cover. 100% memory Ideal for everyday wear.