What is an Orthotic?
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"I'm looking forward to running again without knee pain. Your orthotics fit great in my running shoes! My feet thank you."

- Brad, Burlington

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Common Conditions


Neuroma is the inter-metatarsal forefoot pain located at the ball of the foot and/or toe numbness. Generally located between the 3rd and 4th metatarsal bones (third inner space).Morton's neuroma is an enlarged nerve that usually occurs in the third interspace, which is between the third and fourth toes. It is caused by pressure on the cross-over lateral-medial plantar nerve, and associated with a number of flexible foot types.


The reason the nerve enlarges has not been determined. Flatfeet can cause the nerve to be pulled toward the middle (medially) more than normal, which can cause irritation and possibly enlargement of the nerve. The syndrome is more common in women than men, possibly because women wear confining shoes more often. High heels cause more weight to be transferred to the front of the foot and tight toe boxes create lateral compression. As a result, there is more force being applied in the area and the nerve compartment is squeezed on all sides. Under such conditions, even a minimal enlargement in the nerve can elicit pain.

Custom Foot Orthotics with a metatarsal pad redistribute the pressures on the transverse metatarsal arch and cause the metatarsal heads to splay and release the entrapped nerve.


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