What is an Orthotic?
What is an Orthotic? Click here for information
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“My son has 4E width feet and my husband has 6E width feet. Burlington Orthotic Centre is the only place where I can find footwear that looks nice and fits my family well. The knowledge of the staff is wonderful and everyone was very helpful”

- Nancy, Burlington

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Find the Right Shoe

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About Orthotics

What is an Orthotic?

A foot Orthotic is a device that can be inserted into the shoe to support, align, prevent and or accommodate foot deformities and improve foot function. Used in conjunction with appropriate footwear, a foot Orthotic can be effective in helping to treat a number of foot and lower limb problems including heel, arch and forefoot pain, shin splints, as well as pain and complications related to health conditions such as diabetes and arthritis.

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How are Orthotics made?

In order for us to supply you with a truly custom product, we must take an impression of your foot corrected in sub-talar neutral. We take the majority of our casts in non-weight bearing sub talar neutral using plaster molding. If you cannot lay on your stomach for any reason or if your symptoms determine the need, we may take a subtalar partial weight bearing neutral foam impression of your feet.

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Our Products

Orthotics come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Standard, dress, sport, kids and diabetic are just some of the options that are available to Orthotic patients. Custom made Orthotics are available to accommodate specific needs of a patient.

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